Elomelo Interior

Our interior design company “Elomelo Interior” had started before six years ago in 2010. Jecina Sarmin is the founder of this company. She is a featured lady in Bangladesh and already mentioned several newspapers for her achievement. She is a successful young entrepreneur and motivational person here. Jecina founded this company when she was a student and she resigns from the job to fulfill his entrepreneur dream. And now she is an example for the young generation.

Our working process end with this three processes.

  • Design
  • Implementation
  • Supervision


Creativity is a topic we give the highest priority. Elomelo Interior believe that it’s not possible to run an interior design company without creativity.  We are a team of creative people also. We try to provide the best design for your requirement. Our design process is a little bit different than other ordinary companies. At first step, we’ll make a survey in your home, apartment, office or shop. Using the best technology, we’ll show you a 3D realistic view of your home. You can enjoy how your home will look like after designing. You can say how you like to see that, we’ll give the highest priority of your opinion. Elomelo Interior is ready to change or modify any kinds of design as your wish. Even we’ll be happy to get design idea from you (thanks in advance for this).


I mentioned before that we have a team of creative people. Elomelo Interior uses skilled workers for every task. I hope you know that for complete an interior design project three types workers are important they are the carpenter, painter, and electrician. Carpenter will make a structure for decoration with wood and board. Painters will paint and Electrician will do electrical wearing related works. Our workers are well trained and have huge experience.


It’s one of the crucial parts for a project success.  Our supervision team will observe the whole process while going to work. Sometimes designer also arrive there to see improvement of the project. Elomelo Interior’s supervision system is really outstanding. Our existing clients have given lots of positive feedback for this.

Frequently asked questions…

  1. Did you perform with the relevant project yet?

Ans. Yes, of course, we did all kinds of interior design for shops, apartment or office.

  1. Can you show some portfolio of your existing projects?

Ans. Of course, why not? We can show you our all portfolio. If you interested then you can see our design live.

  1. Can you provide me an estimated cost for the project?

Ans. Yes, we’ll provide to you.

  1. What about your worker’s team?

Ans. We have skilled and experienced workers for all tasks.

  1. Which particular field your company is intimate?

Ans. We are intimate with any interior field because you complete lots of projects in last six years.

  1. How much time needs to complete the project?

Ans. It depends on your project type, we should discuss this.

  1. What about your materials quality and durability?

Ans. It’s totally depending on your budget, but always we try to use the best materials. But if you want to minimize your cost, we can use your affordable materials.

  1. Some safety factors.

We use the best technology so there is no safety risk.


Creativity is a topic we give the highest priority. Elomelo Interior believe that it’s not possible to run an interior design company without creativity.


When you are going to hire an interior design company for designing your apartment, office or shop, you must need to be sure about their professionalism and will they be capable of converting your dream in your home design.